Ducted Vacuum Installation & Repairs

Ducted Vacuuming
Unmatched Cleaning Ease

Frustrated by constantly changing vacuum bags and insufficient suction strength? If you're nodding in agreement, it's time to explore the benefits of a ducted vacuum system! The skilled electricians at Level Electrical & Air specialise in the installation of efficient, high-powered vacuum systems across Gloucester, Tamworth and Inverell.

Ducted vacuuming revolutionises your cleaning routine with its streamlined approach. With a larger capacity than traditional vacuum cleaners, these systems feature a robust central unit that remains stationary while you move around. Simply attach your vacuum hose to strategically positioned valves spread throughout your property, and effortlessly tackle cleaning tasks on carpets, rugs, floorboards, curtains, and even your vehicle.

Ducted Vacuuming Cleaning
How it works

Whether it's a new construction venture or a renovation project, our electricians excel in the installation of ducted vacuum systems. We strategically position the power unit out of sight, often in the garage or tucked beneath the property. Concealed PVC ducting is then discreetly integrated within ceilings, walls, or floors—interconnecting inlet valves with the central dust collection site. Say goodbye to toting around a vacuum all over your home; instead, effortlessly connect your vacuum hose to the nearest inlet.

Our expertise ensures that your vacuum system is meticulously designed for peak efficiency. On average, a standard-sized residence requires three strategically placed ducted vacuum points to guarantee comprehensive coverage throughout each room. For all your convenient home electrical needs, encompassing vacuum systems, solar installations, and data cabling, feel free to reach out to Level Electrical & Air Conditioning today.

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