Electric Vehicles on the increase in Canberra

  • 12 May 2023

The electric vehicle take up in Canberra and surrounds has been most impressive in recent years. It's rare to go for a drive and not see multiple EV’s cruising the roads of Canberra. In fact, there are now over 4,000 EV’s registered in Canberra and in 2030 the target is for 80-90% of new cars to be zero emission.

Given the range of EV’s on the market nowadays, ownership is now more realistic to the average household, and even more so with a range of offerings from the government to entice you. If you are purchasing an EV for the first time you may not have to pay stamp duty and if you buy new or used then you will receive 2 years free registration. Eligible households can also access up to $15,000 to buy a zero emission vehicle under the Sustainable Household Scheme*.

There has always been an argument over the powering of EV’s and if burning coal to power a car is any better than burning petrol or diesel. The ACT is 100% powered from renewables which means emissions will be reduced if EV’s replace our traditional powered vehicles. Our roads and environment are getting cleaner, greener, and quieter as more and more people choose to switch to EV.

Charging an EV in the ACT will become increasingly easier as more public use chargers are rolled out. With most Canberrans having access to private parking at their residence, home charging is still the most popular option. There are many chargers available to install at your home if you have solar then the financial benefit can be very attractive as well.

Level Electrical Hume Tesla Wall Connector
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Tesla Certified Installer

Tesla vehicles have been the most popular EV’s and their performance on road has attracted plenty of car enthusiasts but with the launch of BYD in the Australian market in late 2021 there has been some competition and it will be interesting to see where the market moves in the future given the lack of larger EV vehicles and the amount of large vehicles on the ACT roads.

Level Electrical Hume is a Tesla Certified installer and has installed a range of in home and public use chargers in Canberra. If you have an EV or would like to know more about how Level Electrical Hume can provide an EV charging solution for you, then click here to get in touch.

*Find more information on the Sustainable Household Scheme from Tesla here and ACT Government here

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