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Rapid & Reliable Internet Connectivity

Cat5e cable data comms

Had enough of sluggish downloads? Contemplating an upgrade to your cable infrastructure? Your search ends right here! Introducing Level Electrical & Air, the ultimate destination for all your connectivity needs. Our proficient technicians extend their services to Inverell, Tamworth, and Gloucester, offering an extensive range of data cabling solutions.

From cosy residences to bustling commercial hubs and sprawling industrial complexes, we cater to an array of projects. Whether it's a comprehensive transformation of your corporate network or exploring innovations for your household setup, our adaptable team thrives on projects of all scales. Armed with expertise in cat5e, cat6, fibre optics data cabling, and Cel-Fi installations, we fashion bespoke solutions that precisely align with your requirements.

Elevating Residential & Commercial Connectivity

Wifi modem v2

At Level Electrical & Air, we grasp the paramount significance of swift, reliable connections—whether you're immersed in remote work or enjoying seamless multimedia streaming. Our team of proficient technicians is committed to fashioning bespoke designs that precisely meet your property's connectivity requisites. From augmenting network speeds in homes to optimising connectivity across sectors like banking and healthcare, our track record speaks for itself.

Unlock heightened data speeds through strategically positioned ports that enhance Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your premises—our experts are well-versed in this. Looking to amplify your mobile phone signal? Delve into our Cel-Fi installations, a solution designed to expand both mobile and data coverage. Our seasoned professionals extend their prowess to encompass an array of general electrical services as well, ranging from installing supplementary PowerPoints and USB ports to executing switchboard upgrades and delivering comprehensive air conditioning solutions. Don't hesitate to reach out with your inquiries!

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