Ducted Air Conditioning

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Creating comfortable spaces with ducted air conditioning systems

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Ducted air conditioning systems are one of the most popular methods of temperature control in Australia. Commonly found in homes, offices, and industrial spaces, they provide great comfort throughout the whole property.

If you’re on the lookout for installation, maintenance or repair services for your ducted air conditioning system, look no further than the team at Level Electrical + Air.

Our extensive knowledge and years of experience in the industry means that we can find the perfect solution to keep you at a comfortable temperature all year around.


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Simple, easy to use and customisable temperature control

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Simple and easy to control

Wondering how they work?

The control system in ducted air conditioning relies on accessing a single panel which is located in the area of your choosing. The panel allows you to control temperature and timing, making operations as easy as a single touch of a button or even from your phone with an optional Wi-Fi upgrade!

For some models, users are granted the control of being able to assign specific air temperature settings to certain zones in each property. Say goodbye to temperature arguments, with one simple click of a button.

Look and feel comfortable

A popular feature of ducted air conditioning systems is the relative ‘invisibility’ of the system. Aside from the vents in the ceilings or in some cases the floor of your property, you will barely notice that it’s there!

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