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Does your vacuum’s bag constantly need changing? Is the suction too weak to lift dirt effectively? If the answer is yes, consider a ducted vacuum system! Our electricians at Level Electrical & Air install high-powered, convenient vacuum systems at properties throughout Tamworth, Inverell and Gloucester.

Ducted vacuuming is the simple, fast way to clean your home. They have a higher capacity than a normal vacuum cleaner and a powerful, central unit that remains in one place as you move about and clean. Simply plug in your vacuum hose at strategically placed valves throughout the property and clean your carpet, rugs, floorboards, curtains and car with ease.

How It Works

Ducted Vacuuming

Our electricians can install ducted vacuum systems in new builds or during renovations. We position the power unit somewhere out of sight, such as in the garage or underneath the property. PVC ducting is then hidden inside the ceiling, walls or floor—connecting inlet valves to the dust collection point. You won’t have to drag a vacuum all around the house, instead you plug your vacuum hose into the nearest inlet.

We make sure to design your vacuum system for maximum efficiency. An average size home needs three ducted vacuum points to allow vacuum coverage to the corner of every room! For convenient home electrical solutions—such as vacuum systems, solar and data cabling, call Level Electrical & Air today.

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