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Taylex Wastewater Specialists in the Riverina and Southern NSW areas.

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Taylex Wastewater Systems

At Level Plumbing Wagga Wagga, we proudly serve as your dedicated Taylex Wastewater Specialists in the Riverina and Southern NSW areas. With a commitment to excellence, our skilled team are well-equipped to address the unique wastewater needs of properties in the community.

We are here to guide you through the entire process, handling everything from beginning to end. Our team takes charge of all council requirements, including permits and necessary documents, making new installations and upgrades hassle free. We manage on-site tasks like installation, maintenance, servicing and decommissioning to ensure a smooth and easy process for you.

Wastewater Home Plumbing
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We are your local Taylex experts.

As local Taylex wastewater specialists we are highly experienced in all aspects of installation, service, and maintenance for Taylex Wastewater systems.

Local Expertise:

  • As members of a regional community, we understand the specific wastewater challenges faced by properties in this region.
  • Our local expertise ensures that our services are finely tuned to the needs of regional residents and businesses.

Wastewater System Installations:

  • We specialise in the expert installation of wastewater systems.
  • Our tailored solutions consider the unique characteristics of regional properties.

Repairs and maintenance:

  • Our team is known for its prompt response to wastewater system issues.
  • We provide swift repairs and proactive maintenance to keep your systems running efficiently and minimise disruptions.

Scheduled Servicing programs:

  • We offer scheduled servicing programs.
  • Regular check-ups ensure the durability and reliability of your wastewater system.
  • With a guaranteed 12-month service package with every Taylex wastewater system, let us take care of the health and efficiency of your system, ensuring a trouble free- experience for you.

About Taylex

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Taylex is an Australian family-owned company with 80 plus employees and over 90 trained wastewater specialists who market, install and service a range nationally in Australia and New Zealand. Taylex is supported by a network of over 400 trained Service Technicians to provide the ongoing care and maintenance for your system.

Taylex Advanced Secondary Wastewater Systems act like a mini municipal treatment
plant, utilising the good bacteria that naturally occurs in your home’s wastewater, to
consume the harmful bacteria.

By installing a Taylex System you will be able to reclaim your household wastewater and obtain clean, clear water to irrigate your yard. The treated water that will come from your Taylex Advanced Secondary Wastewater System is 65 times cleaner than septic tank effluent, and at least 5 times cleaner than effluent from most other treatment systems.

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