Six reasons to survey your customers

  • 07 March 2023
  • By Jonathan Holbrow

Customer satisfaction surveys are an effective and efficient means of understanding how your customers really feel about the products or services you provide. 

Customer surveys are a great opportunity to take stock of your value proposition, to ensure you are meeting customer expectations, and providing the solutions they need.

The best part about customer satisfaction surveys is that it doesn’t require significant effort or expense to acquire the pulse you need to measure where you are at today and any discernible trends to focus on.

  1. Learn what’s working well
    Why fix something that isn’t broken? When your business has been provided with positive feedback on what’s working well, celebrate it. Harness the positivity and ensure you can do it more frequently, more efficiently and more consistently across the entire organisation.
  2. Understand opportunities for improvement
    Learn from your customers about the areas that require improvement. Take all constructive feedback seriously whether the feedback is a one off or consistent across a larger pool of customers. Use this information to consider enhancing your offering, modifying your processes or using the insights to train your employees further.
  3. Make a statement of commitment to customer service
    Customers do not want to be made to feel like a number so commit your business to customer service and continuous improvement. Taking the time to ask what your customers think shows that you genuinely care about them and their feedback.
  4. Build engaging relationships with your customers
    Knowing more about what your customers need enables you to connect more deeply with them during your interactions. This increases the chances of turning a customer into a brand advocate and promoter of your business - two really important factors if you want to successfully grow your customer base.
  5. Standout from the competition
    If your competition isn't surveying their customers then you're already standing out from them. You care more about your customers and are more confident in what you can deliver. If your competition also surveys and publishes their customer survey results, then great - you have a marker to exceed, so go and get it.
  6. Make measured decisions
    Consistently conducting customer satisfaction surveys enables you to measure results and spot trends within your business before making decisions. It’s important not to have knee-jerk reactions when your customer satisfaction results are in. Analyse the results and insights carefully to make informed and measured decisions about your business. Take this valuable data and surround yourself with a quality team (internal or external) to give you confidence to make business improvement decisions that will make a difference to you and your customers.

At Level, we’re committed to providing a great Membership experience to our customers. Results from our first customer satisfaction survey yielded an Net Promoter Score (NPS) score of 92*. For those that don’t know much about NPS, it’s high! Read more about NPS and how it’s calculated here.

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So, if you’re a plumbing or electrical contractor that’s looking to level up your business with one of Australia’s fastest growing trade groups, contact us today.

About Level Group Australia.

Level Group Australia is a national trade network created by industry experts and experienced tradies. Level helps independent plumbing and electrical businesses thrive, by providing the support they need to succeed.

*NPS score derived from the question within the Annual Member Satisfaction Survey “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend Level to another plumbing or electrical contractor?” All current Level Members were surveyed as of 28th November 2022 with 88% response rate.

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