Have you ever thought about getting ducted air conditioning but was worried about the cost? But do you know how much ducted air conditioning actually costs? The answer may surprise you!

It is well known that ducted air conditioning is expensive (and more expensive than split systems) to install but it is less commonly known that you save money in the long-term due to reduced running costs.

What is ducted air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning is one of the best ways to get air moving through any property, particularly if it’s large.

Ducted air conditioning systems work by moving cold or heated air through ducts which lead to different areas of your home. Different areas can be switched on or off (zoned) independently of each other.

The result is that you can easily cool (or heat) your entire home with an even temperature throughout!

In Australia, air conditioning is a must have. New houses are now regularly built with ducted air conditioners rather than split systems because split systems are not ideal if you want to have air conditioning in most rooms of the house, as you have to purchase a system for each room.

Whilst ducted air conditioners are more expensive to buy and install upfront, in the long run they are cheaper than a split system because you are running one unit rather than several (recouping the costs of your investment over time).

The costs of running ducted air conditioning

The cost of running a ducted air conditioner can vary based on several factors such as:

  • Brand, its energy rating and size
  • The thermostat temperature you choose
  • Whether your home is insulated
  • What time/s you operate the system and for how long

You can, however, estimate the cost of running a ducted air conditioner by using the energy star label on your system. The energy star label should list the ‘power input’ (total input per kWh) and multiply this by the kilowatt hour (kWh) cost listed in cents on your last electricity bill. This will give you the cost per hour for running your ducted air conditioner.

Calculate the daily cost to run the system by working out how long the air conditioner will run and at what capacity - for example, if the power input listed on the energy star rating label is 3, and the kWh cost on your last electricity bill was $0.30/kWh, the cost per hour for running your ducted air conditioner would be $0.90 per hour. (Eg. 3 x 0.35 = 0.90).

When it comes to the cost of installation of a ducted air conditioner, it is important to note that because every home is different, each home will require a tailored solution – so whilst you should definitely call for a quote, it will not be as accurate than having a quote provided after an onsite inspection. We provide all of our clients with free on-site consultations and quotes.

There are several advantages to ducted air conditioning, such as:

  • Quieter and more efficient when in operation
  • It’s a solution that will cool your whole house (or office).
  • If you choose to install a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner, you avoid the additional cost of installing a heating system
  • A zoned ducted air conditioner allows you to cool (or heat) different rooms to different temperatures
Is ducted air conditioning right for me?

When it comes to cooling or heating a whole house or workplace, running ducted air conditioning is definitely more energy and cost efficient. And of course, there are further ways to reduce the cost and save money.

Purchase an energy efficient system, adjust the temperature by having it a degree or two lower and improve the insulation of your home. Alternatively, make sure you’re getting the best price with your current electricity provider or compare prices with retailers for a better deal.

No matter which option you choose, it’s essential that you have your system installed by a licensed professional (that’s us!). Our technicians will assess your home and supply and install the system that best suits your needs.

To get your free onsite inspection, contact us today.

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