Choosing the right air conditioning for your home that suits your space and doesn’t break the bank can be a challenge. There are multiple systems to choose from, but our team have the expertise and training to find the one that best suits all your needs.

Fully Ducted Air Conditioning

Fully ducted air conditioning systems are one of the most popular styles on the market. They are often installed in new homes or tailored to an existing space. With these systems, you can control the temperature, timing and air flow from a single panel installed in the home.

These systems are discreet, with usually only a vent visible in the room’s ceiling or wall and are installed in two or more rooms of the house. Furthermore, different models of the system allow you to control the temperature in specific areas or rooms of the house. This means you can set the most comfortable temperature for multiple people in different rooms.

Split System Air Conditioning

The split system may be the right air conditioning system for your home if you are looking for a simple way to control the airflow in each room. This system can be installed to control the temperature in a shared space or in individual rooms to provide the most comfortable temperature for each individual occupant.

The split system is generally low-cost to purchase, install and maintain, with both cooling and heating functions. These systems are a great, budget-friendly option as there are a variety of models to suit everyone’s needs.

Multi-Split System Air Conditioning

These systems of air conditioning are a great option for your home if you have limited space outdoors for units to be installed or insufficient ceiling space for ducted air conditioning systems. They can be installed separately and used to control the temperature in different rooms, accordingly, optimising your comfort and saving you money as they cool and heat rooms only as required.

There systems encompass different types including:

  • Wall mounted
  • Under ceiling
  • Cassette

Each type has different properties and benefits associated with them which can make it tricky to know which one is right for you and your home. That’s why our team are more than happy to have a chat with you so you can make an informed decision.

Room Air Conditioning

A room air conditioning system is a small unit which can be attached to a window or wall. This system is cheap and easy to install and can be relocated as it just needs to be plugged into a power point. They are also remote controlled and generally have a timer function.

Room air conditioners are an excellent option for renters who are not able to make structural changes to their residences. They are also a convenient option for people who do not wish to splurge on installing a system in a specific room as room air conditioners can be moved between different rooms. While these systems may not be as efficient as other air conditioners, they can still provide a level of comfort throughout all seasons.

Unsure of what air conditioner is right for you? Let us help! Call 4932 1244 today to find the perfect system for you.