When we think about air conditioners, we think about staying cool and avoiding the summer heat.
But did you know that winter is the perfect time to get your air conditioning service installed instead of waiting for summer?
With over 40+ years of experience in providing quality air conditioning across Maitland, we promise it’s worth planning ahead and getting your air conditioning service ready to go this winter.
Why you should organise air conditioning services this winter
Have you noticed that you just seem busier in summer? The sun is shining, there are more holidays, more catch ups with friends – more, more, more! But this means that before you know it, you are faced with scorching hot days and if your air conditioner isn’t working – there is no relief in sight!
Which is why it’s better to make sure your air conditioner is serviced and ready to go, during the cooler months.
Just like you, as we get closer to summer, our services are much more in demand, and we are often booked out with last-minute calls and emails.
Planning your air conditioning services earlier on in the winter months is the key to a calm, cool and collected summer.
Already have an air conditioner installed? What now?
There’s nothing worse than getting to summer, it’s been a long, hot day and you’re keen to go home and crank up the air conditioning with your favourite beverage… Only to realise, it’s no longer working?
You wouldn’t have had this problem if you had your air conditioning service during winter. By planning ahead with Level Electrical & Air Maitland, we can provide a free consultation to ensure your air conditioning service is good to go for the summer.
Winter is also a fantastic time to consider any upgrades on old systems, not only to prevent future breakdowns from happening but to also switch to new control systems and features.
Did you sweat through last summer without an air conditioner?
Installing air conditioning in the winter also gives the option of reverse cycle – which can be a lifesaver on those frosty winter days. Split-system air conditioners offer great power and warmth over traditional heaters, not only being more cost-effective but also heating your home much quicker.
Convinced yet? Summer air conditioners are definitely made in winter!
Our team at Level Electrical & Air Maitland provide air conditioning services across the wider Maitland area. Click here to organise your air conditioning services ready for a comfortable, cool summer.