Summer is almost here—so let's take advantage of all that sunshine and talk about solar hot water systems!

At Level Plumbing Canberra Central, we highly recommend Endless Solar Evacuated Tube hot water systems for anyone who wants to switch to an eco-friendly water system. But, perhaps you are wondering “why?”

What makes an evacuated tube solar hot water system so much better than the other environmentally friendly options on the market? Let's take a look at the two main types of systems available to help you make an informed decision.

Evacuated tubes or flat panels?



Endless Solar Evacuated Tubes

Flat Plate Panels


More efficient than flat plate panels. Are able to capture sunlight at all angles.

Less efficient than evacuated tubes. Capture most of the energy when sunlight is perpendicular to the panel.


10-15 years

5-7 years

Roof direction

Suitable to be situated on North, East or West facing roofs.

Best to be situated on a North facing roof.

Frost tolerance

Naturally frost tolerant. It can withstand very low temperatures without the need for an anti-freeze fluid (e.g. glycol).

May require anti-freeze fluid (e.g. glycol) when installed in frost prone areas, which also requires ongoing maintenance.

Heat Loss

Better at retaining the sun’s energy due to the vacuum (i.e. experiences minimal heat-loss).

Susceptible to higher heat-loss especially during cooler periods of the year.


Will still operate normally with one or more tubes removed. Each tube is affordable and easy to replace.

Can be quite costly to purchase and replace panels. If a panel is damaged, the entire panel may need replacement.

Required roof space

Requires less roof space (generally around 5m2).

Require more roof space (generally around 8m2).


Higher upfront cost than flat panels.

Less upfront cost than evacuated tube systems.


Why Choose Solar Water System?
  • Water heating accounts for approximately ⅓ of a household’s electricity bill, so with the cost of power on the rise, it makes sense to save money where you can.
  • By installing solar hot water systems, people generally save up to 90% off their water heating costs on an ongoing basis. Obviously, this depends on your climate and the type of system you have, but the savings potential is huge.
  • Conventional hot water systems emit an incredible amount of greenhouse gases along with the electricity requirements to power them. A solar system conserves our natural resources and reduces household carbon pollution by more than 2,000kg per year.

If you would like to learn more about the Endless Solar Evacuated Tube system or solar in general, call Level Plumbing Canberra now at (02) 6188 6088.