Plumbers seem to be in high demand in Canberra nowadays as the popularity of construction and home renovations continues. For this very reason, the quality of work plumbers do has slowly deteriorated as more plumbers take advantage of the skills shortage and growing demand.

It is not unusual to find a plumber that lacks the required skills, is unreliable, and takes on too many jobs only to rush work and overcharge for services performed.

That being said, below are five common costly plumbing issues you should avoid.

5 Plumbing Traps That Sink Money in the Long Run
1. Quick Fixes and Lack of Quality Assessment

Patching up plumbing problems to save money can cost you in the long run. While many homeowners think they save money by hiring cheap labour, a short-term fix is not always the best option.

A patch on a hot water unit, for instance, may be a low-cost option in the short term but may turn out to be a waste of money if the hot water system blows up after three months when the work is completed. A reliable plumber should be providing a quality assessment instead. 

You can prevent wasting money on band-aid solutions by going with a more cost-effective approach. Replacing and upgrading any plumbing system, for example, is one of those.

2. Hiring A Rogue Plumber

No house is built or is plumbed the same. With the average home made up of many different plumbing systems, there are costs that are reasonably charged to a customer when a skilled plumber comes in to repair say, a faucet, diagnose flow or pressure issues, install, and repair or replace any of your gas lines.

Such expenses should reflect the complexity of the tasks involved, the time it takes, the cost of the materials and the location of the work.

However, there are unreasonable costs which homeowners should be wary of being charged. Introducing the "rogue plumber,” one that is often unconnected to a wider network of plumbers and takes advantage of a client's lack of knowledge by overcharging for simple plumbing tasks. 

A rogue plumber may also use an inexperienced apprentice to perform the bulk of the work, order expensive parts without your consent, or charge excessive call-out fees for an emergency plumbing job performed outside of standard hours or during the holidays.

3. Choosing the Plumber with the Lowest Rate

While some homeowners think that choosing the plumber with the lowest bid is a sure way of saving money, they may be surprised to find bills that are over and beyond what was initially estimated. Hourly rates mean nothing when a plumber takes twice as long due to inefficient systems and lack of experience to complete plumbing work.

When it comes to plumbing repair and installation, a professional and experienced plumber may charge a higher cost per hour; however, they will perform the work in less time and deliver better quality solutions. So you do not have to face the ongoing expenses of continuing to patch up plumbing work.

4. Not Checking for Compliance with Statutory Requirements

As those can share who have been caught out being non-compliant with statutory obligations, it pays dearly to engage a plumber that is not certified and has the appropriate insurance in place. Ideally, you should be looking for a plumber that can take care of all your plumbing compliance without you having to worry.

Whether you service a government building, a commercial or residential client - you need a plumbing service that is not just a one-stop shop for all your plumbing requirements but can also meet statutory requirements including:

  • Issuing a Certificate of Compliance.
  • Can provide evidence of necessary background clearances like Working with Vulnerable People and Police checks.
  • Depending on the type of commercial building, a TMV service and Backflow Certification.

You can also be caught out by engaging plumbing companies that do not pay their contractors payroll tax or have in place public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Given some of the complexities of plumbing work, you should also find highly trained plumbers that know how to navigate different building height levels and asbestos-infected buildings in order to minimise occupational health and safety risks.

5. Plumbing Company Is Not Transparent About Quality Management Systems

Unlike plumbers that can work excessive hours and lack the management systems to ensure efficiency, a plumbing company worth your while will be upfront about the quality management systems used and will ensure that you and the client are the main beneficiaries of time saved on the job.

Big plumbing firms can operate more efficiently by using quality management systems to ensure quick service. They also prioritize hiring skilled plumbers because unqualified staff can harm their reputation and business, especially in the age of social media and online reviews.

You are also more likely to get consistent pricing and higher service standards as routine quality assurance checks are performed.

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