When you are looking for a tradie, you simply want someone who will do a good job for a reasonable price and who would not charge you with unnecessary fees.

Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, there are several rogue businesses out there giving the industry a bad name. Following a recent story that aired on the Today program, it seems like today is the perfect time for a refresher on what you need to look for to avoid scammers.

Six Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed

Tip #1 Make sure quality materials and units are being used.

You might pay a little more upfront for quality, but that will outweigh the assurance that you would not have any issues down the track. If you are choosing a new hot water unit, for example, look for brands with great reputations.

Tip #2 Do not be pressured into getting more than what you need.

A common complaint from those who were scammed by unscrupulous businesses is that they were pressured into a more expensive purchase or service that was unnecessary to begin with. Getting a much larger hot water system than what you need, for example.

These dishonest people typically push you to replace something that can easily be repaired, instead of fixing it. As such, if you get the feeling that is what is happening, always get a second opinion.

Tip #3 Always ask printed quotations.

A good tradie will happily give you a written or printed quote for the service that needs to be done. Doing so allows both of you to know what’s covered and what’s not in the service you want to avail.

You will often find that less-than-trustworthy tradies are the ones who promise unrealistic results but will never commit to writing so more often than not you get a big surprise when the bill arrives. As such, make sure that your quote includes both materials and labour, so you know upfront what you can expect to see when it comes time to pay.

Tip #4 Ask around.

People almost always share bad stories but rarely say anything unless asked. Ask people around your local area which plumbing and electrical businesses have provided them a great service.

You will soon notice the same name cropping up that stands out which is a great place to start.

Tip #5 Find someone trustworthy BEFORE you have an emergency.

If you have got a few niggly jobs that you have been putting off, use the opportunity to try a few tradies out until you find one you are truly happy with. That way, if the worst happens and you have an emergency, you will know who to call right away and won’t have to settle for whoever you come across first in the phone book.

Tip #6 Make sure they’re licenced.

Check to see if your tradie has the appropriate licenses that are issued by your local government. You will usually find this on their website if they have one.

However, do not hesitate to ask to see it if you want to, too—a good tradie will have no problem showing it. If you have the number and want to check if it is valid, you can also do it here.

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