Are you a real estate agent looking for a reliable and experienced plumber but struggle to find one you can trust? You are not alone. 

But the thing is, finding the right one can enhance your reputation as a real estate agent. Wondering how?

In this article, we will give you four ways how a trusted and reliable plumber can improve your reputation as a real estate agent and as a consequence improve your bottom line.

Locate Plumbing Issues that May Cost Landlords Thousands

The good news for you is a plumber that delivers over, and above expectations pays dividends for a real estate agency in the long term. A trusted and reliable plumber will be able to locate hidden plumbing issues that can save landlords thousands in the long term and will improve your property management reputation.

An experienced plumber will do a thorough and complete job at assessing any plumbing concerns and may discover some problematic issues to be dealt with straight away such as corroded pipes that need replacing or old and ineffective fixtures leading to leaks and inefficient water flow; plumbing problems that are commonly found in old homes.

Know What You Are Paying

As a real estate agent, you may often feel like you are constantly juggling the demands of property owners and occupants. Let's face it, when it comes to managing landlords, they want their investment property to deliver a good return on investment and the last thing they need is having to pay large invoices to fix plumbing issues.

Finding a plumber that doesn't charge excessive fees, means that both landlords and tenants can be happy customers.

Look for a plumber that has transparent payment terms and conditions specific to real estate agencies, so you know how much you are paying each month and are not hit by any nasty surprise invoices.

Flexible Hours

What good is there having a plumber if they do not respond promptly to your calls? Finding a responsive plumber who can work flexible hours for emergency repairs is a great asset for any real estate agency.

Whether you like it or not, poor responsiveness by a plumber reflects badly on a real estate agency. As well as minimising the number of complaints that come in- a reliable plumber will help you to address tenant concerns quickly without producing a backlog of plumbing issues that only causes more stress the longer they are unattended to.

Help Clients Sell Houses

With the arrival of spring, selling season is well and truly upon us. If you are a real estate agent trying to get the best price for your client's home, then you should make sure that the property you are selling has been inspected by an experienced plumber, so the property has no outstanding plumbing issues.

Most houses are subject to a building inspection including looking at the plumbing systems before a sale goes through. There are also small improvements to be made to a house that can give it a facelift and dramatically improve its resale value. Some examples include:

  • New faucets in the kitchen and bathroom and introduce sparkling sinks. It's the little things like a leaky faucet or a stained sink that can turn off potential buyers from a property. Minor plumbing improvements that don't cost a fortune can significantly add resale value to a house.
  • Address water damage issues. Most potential buyers know to look for water damage around sinks and ceilings so it's worthwhile getting any leakage problems repaired before you sell a house.