Asbestos, a naturally occurring silicate mineral composed of tiny fibers, can pose serious health risks when deteriorating or disturbed, releasing asbestos dust into the air. Inhalation of these fibers can lead to various health problems, including pleural plaques, asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

When it comes to checking or removing asbestos from your home or workplace, you can rely on the expertise of Level Plumbing. We are a trusted provider of safe and high-quality asbestos services. Our team of licensed asbestos removalists is trained in identifying and safely removing asbestos products. Serving clients in Tamworth and surrounding regions, including Armidale, Gunnedah, and Narrabri, Level Plumbing is committed to delivering exceptional service.

Bonded Asbestos Removal

Level Plumbing, as licensed bonded asbestos removalists, caters to clients in Tamworth and neighboring regions, including Armidale, Gunnedah, and Narrabri. We specialize in identifying and safely removing bonded asbestos products, such as:

  • Exterior and interior walls
  • Ceiling linings
  • Roofing materials
  • Eaves linings
  • Fencing
  • Water or flue pipes
  • Telecommunication pits
  • Electrical backing boards

We also provide additional services, including:

  • Asbestos clearance certificates for bonded asbestos removal work exceeding 10m² (mandatory requirement).
  • Workcover notification for bonded asbestos removal work exceeding 10m² (mandatory requirement).
  • Asbestos registers.

To discuss your specific requirements or to learn more about our bonded asbestos removal services, please get in touch with Level Plumbing Tamworth.

Asbestos Inspections & Reports

According to the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, workplaces must maintain an asbestos register to comply with safety regulations. Failure to comply with this regulation can result in penalties of up to $18,000.

However, an asbestos register is not required for a workplace if:

  • The building was constructed after December 31, 2003.
  • No asbestos has been identified or is likely to be present at the workplace.

As licensed bonded asbestos removalists and supervisors, Level Plumbing can assist clients in meeting their workplace health and safety requirements by providing comprehensive asbestos registers.

To discuss your asbestos inspection and reporting needs or to learn more about our services, please contact Level Plumbing Tamworth.

At Level Plumbing Tamworth , we prioritise the safety and well-being of our clients. If you require asbestos-related services, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help.

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