If you're residing in a sewered area and seeking sustainable water recycling solutions, look no further than Level Plumbing Tamworth!

At Level Plumbing Tamworth, we specialise in the supply, installation, and maintenance of greywater re-use systems for both residential and commercial needs. Our services cater to clients in Tamworth and the surrounding regions, including Armidale, Gunnedah, and Narrabri. Greywater recycling involves repurposing used household water from showers, baths, hand basins, and laundry. Through the implementation of proven and reliable technology, greywater recycling produces high-quality water suitable for irrigation purposes.

Aerated Water Treatment System

In many rural areas of Australia, aerated water treatment systems (AWTS) have replaced septic tanks due to their superior efficiency in reducing the organic load of domestic effluent.

The conventional AWTS treats both black water (water containing human excrement from a toilet) and greywater (wastewater from hand basins, baths, showers, kitchens, and laundry) by utilsing aeration to generate treated effluent.

This system typically consists of 1-2 plastic or concrete tanks, each with a capacity of approximately 2500 L. The treatment process involves primary sedimentation, anaerobic and aerobic treatment, secondary sedimentation and clarification, and disinfection using chlorine or ultraviolet irradiation. The resulting treated effluent can be safely released into the environment through surface irrigation, absorption trenches, or mounds.

At Level Plumbing Tamworth, we offer the supply, installation, and maintenance of the cutting-edge Ozzi Kleen AWTS, one of the most advanced systems available. The Ozzi Kleen system employs a unique cyclic fully aerobic sewage treatment process, functioning like a digestive system. This means no septic process or septic odors. Moreover, the Ozzi Kleen system is environmentally friendly, producing nutrient-rich water suitable for garden reuse while being highly cost-efficient to operate (with only half the running cost of other aerobic sewerage systems).

The Ozzi Kleen sewerage plant tank is constructed from heavy-duty polyethylene, up to 20mm thick, making it 100 times stronger than concrete when compared weight-for-weight. The material boasts a 500-year half-life. With roto-moulding and seamless construction, the Ozzi Kleen tank eliminates the risk of seepage, leaks, or root intrusion. Additionally, the tank remains unaffected by the acidity of sewage. Polyethylene materials are commonly used to store hazardous chemicals.

Rest assured, all mechanical components within the Ozzi Kleen sewerage system are designed and constructed to provide years of trouble-free service and are backed by a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty, including a 15-year warranty on the sewage treatment plant tank.

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