To prevent your hot water system from failing unexpectedly, you must regularly schedule routine maintenance. Using these preventive measures will keep your water running smoothly and reduce the chances of the system failing during use.

We want to share with you five of our favourite tips on how to keep your water heating system running smoothly so it does not just work efficiently but also extends its life.

Let’s begin!

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Hot Water System

Tip #1: Regularly check your system for breaks or wear.

Choose a desired date of inspection. Then go over to check your water heater once every month and make sure there are no leaks, cracks, or wear on it. It will only take you about five minutes or so.

It does not matter if it takes an hour or even more if you deal with small problems early on. Such a strategy is cheaper and saves you from unnecessary water system issues later on.

Tip #2: Turn off your tank system.

If you are only going to be away for a week or so, it is not necessary to turn off your tank system. If you are leaving for more than three weeks or longer though, it is best to switch it off.

Leaving your thermostat on continuously heats your water. It helps to extend the life of your equipment and saves you money on heating costs.

Tip #3: Check the relief valve.

You will need the manual that came with your sump pump to do this successfully. The relief valve is there to release excess pressure so it must be working properly.

It is a good idea to check it once a month or as regularly as possible.

Tip #4: Be cautious when gardening near your system.

When your system is on a grassy area, be careful when using tools such as whipper-snippers because they can cause damage when used carelessly. If you are using a power mower, keep in mind that the machine can create bumps to the pipes and damage them if over-used.

In general, we recommend being extra careful when working in the area.

Tip #5: Get annual expert assistance.

Do not wait until there is an issue. Make an appointment with your local plumber to get your system tested and maintained at least once a year.

An expert can identify any possible problems before they get worse. Expert plumbers can assist you in ensuring that your system operates as effectively as possible.

Replace the sacrificial node every five years, since it can corrode and cause problems with your hot water cylinder. If you have not had it changed in the recent five years, talk to any Canberra's Level Plumbing expert about it.

Always feel free to ask our team of plumbers at Level Plumbing for assistance if you have any questions about anything relating to your hot water system or if you feel uneasy performing some of these maintenance tasks on your own.

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