Keep yourself and your family warm during the winter season without spending a fortune with Bonaire. Keeping your home comfortable, regardless of the season, is a crucial part of living. Bonaire offers stand-out heating solutions that are unmatched in terms of quality and energy efficiency, suitable for all household types.

Ducted Heaters

Like other heating solutions, Bonaire's range of ducted heaters ensures that you can save on your monthly energy consumption through its energy-efficiency features. Its heating system can offer up to 3, 4, 5, and 6 energy-rating stars, which can save up to 30% on your next energy bill.

One good heating feature in Bonaire’s units is the zoning technology. Aside from heating up the space pretty quickly, it allows owners to pick certain rooms to heat. It comes with four thermostat controls as well, which allows owners to set different room temperatures.

Bonaire has been delivering heating solutions for 60 years, and it continues to do so while it keeps on developing innovative heating and cooling technologies. One of its latest technologies, for example, is a heating and cooling feature that enables owners to control the unit’s temperature remotely—through Wi-Fi.

York Dual Cycles

Bonaire strives for excellence when developing its products. That is why it decided to team up with one of the biggest manufacturers in the refrigeration industry—York, to be specific—to produce a feature called York Dual Cycle.

Perfect for keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer, the entire duct system is controlled by one navigator control, including its operation, programming and zoning. York has produced heating and cooling solutions for some of the most famous structures in the world, like the Empire State Building and the Sydney Opera House.

So, you are in safe hands if you have a larger space to heat. Integrated zoning is again a prominent feature of a York Dual Cycle, where up to 8 zones can be accommodated if you need to heat a larger space.

With a compact design as well as being eco-friendly, the York Dual Cycle system more than meets the demands of the modern household that wants environmentally sustainable household solutions and easy installation.

Producing a reliable and quality system that will serve your air conditioning needs for years to come, the York Dual Cycle is a system you can use all year round, performing just as well as utilising refrigerated cooling during the warmer months so you can live in comfortably temperatures.

Pyrox Space Heater

If you live in an apartment and a large heating solution is not necessarily needed, Pyrox Space Heaters by Bonaire would be a great choice. You can choose from its two units: the Pyrox Wall Furnace and Pyrox Flued Gas Space Heater.

The Pyrox Wall Furnace is built to deliver floor-level warmth, ideal for heating up those spaces that are used for entertaining and for lounging around. There are two sizes available, depending on the size of the room, to heat with a rear register so you can split the heating into two rooms if needed. Blending into the background with a stylish slimline cabinet, heating has never been so fashionable and accessible at the same time.

The Pyrox Heritage Flued Gas Space Heater, on the other hand, comes with stand-out features, including being thermostatically controlled and using electronic ignition; the Heritage Heater can be fit into an existing fireplace or mounted on a wall to suit your home aesthetic.

Now, you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in your living room, warmed by the cosy glow of your new Gas Space Heater minus the smoke.

At Level Plumbing Canberra, we choose Bonaire heating solutions as we know Canberra winters can be harsh, and our customers need solutions to keep the cold outside where it belongs. Whether it is for home renovations or just needing to update your heating system, contact Level Plumbing Canberra today at (02) 66188 6088 for a free consultation.