Air conditioners are everyone’s friend during the hot and humid days of summer. Unfortunately, over the course of a year, the outside unit, called the A/C condenser, can become dirty due to dirt, lint, debris, and other outside elements.

Dust, dirt, and other obstructions lessen the A/C’s efficiency, and it will ultimately result in higher electric bills. It is because large units need large surface areas to transfer heat from inside to outside.

Fortunately, you can easily clean your A/C condenser to get it running like new!

How to Clean an Air Conditioner
Step One: Disconnect Power

Open the power box located near the A/C unit then pull out the power fuse to turn the fan off. Doing so will ensure that you do not get electric shock and hurt yourself.

Always do this step first as it will keep you safe.

Step Two: Clean the Unit

Turn on your garden hose and use it to gently soak the sides and the top of the A/C with water. Be careful to not use the pressure wash on your hose as you will want just enough pressure to clean the unit and remove gunk.

You can slightly add pressure by placing your thumb or your finger over the hose opening. But too much pressure can damage the fine veins in the condenser coils, and these parts are crucial as it helps to move the heat from the inside of your house to the outside.

Additionally, you do not need to worry about using chemicals to clean. Using water only is fine. The grime and muck will slowly melt away.

Once you have washed your unit, you will want to dry it. There are a couple of ways to do this: either let the unit air dry or let the fan do it. After you have plugged in the fuse, the fan will take care of drying the condenser.

If needed, reset your thermostat and the unit will kick on.

It is recommended to wash your A/C at least once a year, usually in the early to late spring or early summer. It is a great time to get rid of any nasty deposits of mud, mildew, mould, cobwebs or other nasties that can build up over the course of the year. Not cleaning your A/C can cause your unit to overheat or stop working. As a result, you might incur hundreds of dollars worth of repair work. There is no need to purchase any expensive cleaners to clean your A/C in ten minutes, a thumb, and a garden hose can do it all for free!

Cleaning your A/C helps the unit to run at peak efficiency. It will help lower your electric bill, keep your home cool and comfortable, and above all, ensure you get many years of service out of your trusty partner. You can find a local Canberra air conditioning in our sister company Landmark Air.