Choosing the right plumbing pipe for your needs is vital to ensure your home's plumbing system functions at its best. With a wide variety of materials and sizes available, deciding which one to install can be daunting.

In this definitive guide, we will go over some of the most common types of plumbing pipes and their features to help you make the right choice.

5 Plumbing Pipe Options for Your Needs

Option 1: Copper

Copper pipes are a popular option for many homes due to their durability and longevity. They are also relatively resistant to corrosion, so you would not have to worry about rusting.

Copper is an excellent choice for hot and cold water applications, and it is easy to install. Although copper pipes are more expensive than some other materials, they're a good long-term investment.

Option 2: PVC 

PVC pipes are another common option. These materials are affordable, lightweight, and relatively easy to install.

PVC pipes are ideal for drainage and sewage systems and can withstand both hot and cold water applications. They are also resistant to corrosion and collapse, and their smooth interior reduces the likelihood of clogs.

Option 3: PEX

PEX pipes are becoming more popular due to their ease of installation and flexibility. They are also less expensive than copper pipes and more durable than PVC pipes.

PEX pipes can handle hot and cold water applications and are resistant to freezing and bursting in cold temperatures.

Option 4: Galvanized Steel 

Galvanized steel pipes were a common choice in older homes but are becoming less popular due to their susceptibility to corrosion. They are not suitable for hot water applications either.

They are still a good option for some applications, however. But, it is best to consult with a professional plumber before installation.

Option 5: CPVC

CPVC pipes are designed for hot water applications and are more flexible than PVC pipes. They are ideal for homes where the water has high levels of chlorine, which can corrode copper pipes over time.

CPVC pipes are also less expensive than copper pipes and easier to install than PEX pipes.


Choosing the right plumbing pipe for your needs can be overwhelming if you know nothing. But with this guide, you can make an informed decision.

Do not hesitate to consult with a professional plumber for advice and installation if you are unsure which option is best.

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