While plumbing issues are sometimes resolved without much notice, ignoring them usually leads to larger problems down the road. Not fixing these problems quickly can result in more expensive repair bills.

Leaking pipes are the most overlooked plumbing issue that people do not realize exists until something bigger is wrong. But, do you know other signs to watch out for?

The Seven Most Common Signs of a Water Pipe Leak

Loud Noise

If you continue to hear the sound of running water even after stopping every other appliance in your house, it could be indicating a leak somewhere in your home.

Higher Costs and Lack of Hot Water

It is not normal if you have a water bill that is closer to your phone number than your age. Furthermore, if the hot water runs out quickly without a good reason, then it should be investigated.

Meter Readings

A simple test one can run is to compare two-meter readings. It is to ensure that no water has been used in between.

If the meter shows a significant change, then there is probably an issue with the water supply.

Warm Areas

A warm area on a concrete slab could signal that your water heater has a leak. Typically, your pet will be the first to detect it, as they are drawn to warmer spaces.

Check it every couple of days, and if the same location is constantly warm, regardless of the weather, it has to be inspected and fixed.

Water Pressure

Low water pressure from sinks, tubs, and showers might be an indication of a concealed leak. A broken or malfunctioning water line will cause the water pressure to decrease.

Mould or Increasing Damp

If you observe moisture buildup or mould in a particular area of your wall or floor that does not exist elsewhere in your house, it might be an indication of a leak. When you find mould, the damage is already severe, so don't put off hiring an expert.

Unidentified Green Areas of Grass

If you have a long, lush lawn and only half of your garden seems green and lush, the rest is likely being watered from an underground broken pipe.

Do you have any of these potential indicators in your home? We would like to help. Please call our experts today for an honest assessment and quote to stop the leak and save you money in wasted water.

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When you fix a problem now, it can save you a lot of money in the future!