An Australian invention, evacuated tube solar hot water systems have been used to provide heated water to houses all over the world. From the countryside to big cities, through the abrasive summer heat to the freezing winter weather, an evacuated tube solar hot water system is known to give families the comfort they need with extreme durability.

Essentially, it can withstand extreme weather conditions as it is installed outdoors and can cope in almost any location. But is it worth it?

Why You Should Have an Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water System
How Does It Work?

Evacuated tubes are designed to capture energy from the heat of the sun and convert it into usable heat and, at the same time, generate the necessary energy needed to heat the water. It integrates well with other solar heating systems that use evacuated tubes, such as ground-mounted tanks with cylindrical pipes that are placed parallel to the sun.

Evacuated tube solar hot water systems absorb solar energy and convert it into usable hot water. It is practically intended for places where the sun is not always up. Evacuated tube solar hot water system stores energy for days, which means you can still use it even if the sun does not show up for days.

The evacuated tubes are made out of two layers of transparent glass tubes. The inner glass tube is used to absorb heat energy and minimize heat reflection resourcefully. Even if it is made out of glass, it is quite heavy-duty and can hold an impact from hail that is about 25mm in diameter as well.

Air in between the transparent glass tubes is being evacuated or extracted to create a vacuum. Though the inner glass is extremely hot—about 150oc—the outer transparent glass is much cooler and is safe to touch. It means that it is very effective, especially on cloudy days.

The solar energy that is being collected in the tube is then transferred to a body of water and produces hot water—the procedure is called the heat pipe or wet tube method.

Is It Cost-effective?

As effective as it may sound, installing an evacuated tube solar hot water system is expensive. In fact, it is much more expensive compared to standard plate bar collectors.

Evacuated tube solar hot water systems are often used in industrial and commercial hot water applications. The price ranges from $3,000.00 up to $7,500.00 and may vary depending on the number of tubes being installed as well as the manufacturer.

Still, it is considered the most efficient and cost-effective solar hot water system today. In fact, the maintenance cost is low and does not need regular checkups. 

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

The only drawback of evacuated tube solar hot water systems is that the tanks may overheat. This is why owners must check the tanks’ temperature every now and then. On the other hand, it could be prevented by adding lukewarm water.

The placement of the solar heating system should be considered as well. Placing it away from the branches that may fall into the heating system when a strong wind strikes is important. Also, if one of the glass tubes is broken, you do not have to replace or fix the whole system.

You can change broken glass tubes without compromising the whole unit. If properly taken care of, this system may last for about twenty years.

This form of water heating system is extremely environmentally friendly since it makes full use of solar energy. It is because the cylindrical shape of the tubes allows the solar energy to penetrate about the whole cylinder. It leads to more efficiency in using solar power and not letting it put into waste.

Install It Now!

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