Sometimes, you just know something's not quite right with your heating or cooling unit. But rather than reaching out to professional repairmen instantly, it is worth going through this checklist first, especially if the issue is something that is simple and you can resolve on your own.

Electrical Checklist

Let's start with the basics. There are a couple of things that you should check first, regardless of the appliance type.

Take note of the following:

  • Is the safety switch or circuit breaker in your fuse box tripped? If yes, simply reset it. If it continues to trip, then it is time to talk to an electrician.
  • If your unit has a wall control, check for error messages or warnings. These warnings will help you determine what the problem is. You can then check your manual for suggested solutions.
Evaporative Cooler Checklist
  • Make sure the water supply is turned on and water is flowing. If there is a flow issue, contact your plumber.
  • Check if the unit has enough power. If it is working but not as effectively as it should be, you know there's power, but if it's not working at all, this might be the cause.
  • Make sure the room has enough ventilation. Keep one window open, for example.
Ducted Gas Heater Checklist
  • Make sure the gas supply is turned on. If you have turned it off over the summer it is easy to forget to turn it back on.
  • If the air does not seem to be pumping as effectively, check if both the return air and the filter are clean, as even just day-to-day dust build up can make a big difference over time.
Reverse Cycle Checklist
  • Check that the unit is getting power. If it turns on, then that's not your problem. If it doesn't, and the safety switch or circuit breaker hasn't tripped it's time to call the professionals.
  • Check the outdoor portion of the unit for any obstructions like leaves and build-ups. Clear these away if necessary.
  • Check the outdoor visible pipes aren't damaged.
  • Clean off the indoor vents of dust and make sure none are obstructed.

If you have tried all of the above and things still are not as they should be, it is time to call in the professionals to take a look. Contact Level Plumbing Canberra today at (02) 6188 6088.