The sound of water dripping is a common occurrence in many homes, offices, factories and places of work. Most people begin to ignore the sound of a leak because it seems unimportant. However, a water leak shouldn’t be overlooked because it is often a sign of potential damage and more significant dangers.

A water leak can originate from holes on damaged pipes of showers and sinks, washing machine hoses, refrigerators, and faulty toilet flanges. Homeowners shouldn’t ignore these signs because they can pose a potential danger. Below we look at the potential negative effects of a water leak, as they can cause deterioration of your property and an increase in your water bills.

How do leaks affect your health?

A water leak is a potential health hazard to you and your family. If you struggle with asthma and other allergies, a water leak in your house can trigger an attack. A leak means that there is stagnant water somewhere in your home, which can affect your respiration. Additionally, a water leak can cause the growth of mould. Mould causes numerous health hazards, including coughs, eye irritations, respiratory diseases, rashes, and fever.

Stagnant water that you may ignore might be the breeding ground of disease-carrying pests such as mosquitoes and mildew. If you ignore this risk, you could potentially be exposing your family to harmful diseases.

Leaks can cause significant damage to your home

When there is a pressure build-up from having large volumes of water drip through a small water leak in your plumbing system, the pipes might burst. A burst pipe can be a costly occurrence leading to a larger break in your plumbing system. Burst pipes, especially if unnoticed for long, can cause further damage to your walls, carpets, floors, and ceilings.

A small leak can also lead to rusting of your pipes, which may force the complete replacement of your plumbing system. In the long run, this can be quite costly. To prevent these unnecessary costs, water leaks should be identified and dealt with urgently.

Rising water bills? Blame leaks

A continuous leaking pipe in your sink or toilet can cause wastage of about 20 gallons of water each day. This means that even the smallest leaks can cause a significant rise in your water bills. This is why you need to fix your water leaks immediately and prevent unnecessarily high bills.

How can you prevent a water leak?

While a water leak might not always be easily noticeable, there are a few red flags to watch out for. You should look out for small puddles that always appear in your bathrooms and kitchen. Also, check for damp spots on walls and floors. If you also recognize unpleasant odours and mould, they could be signs of water leaks. This calls for immediate attention from your Canberra plumber. Having regular checks from a licensed plumber, even when you don’t seem to notice any warning signs, can also save you a lot of money in the long run. It’s much better to be safer than sorry.