Why Your Utility Bills Increase Month to Month


Are you often left wondering why you seem to be spending more and more on your utility bills every month? Of course, the energy companies themselves might have just hiked their prices and not warned you about the change. But that's not the only possible explanation.

Here are some of the factors which might have led to you spending more than you expected on utilities:

Leaking water pipes

You take five-minute showers, turn the taps off while you brush your teeth and only fill one bowl to do the washing up. But despite following all these classic pieces of advice, you're still using way more water than you'd like.

This could be a sign that you have an undetected water pipe leak somewhere within your home.

As well as costing you money, the leaking water can cause significant damage if it's not detected quickly enough. A pin-prick sized hole in your pipes can wear away into a bigger fault, potentially flooding beneath your floors. This could cause structural damage, or even break your electrical appliances.

If you suspect you might have a leak and it's located somewhere you cannot reach, the best course of action is to contact an expert Canberra plumber to fix it for you.

A faulty air conditioning unit

AC units are usually robust and durable, but that doesn't mean they'll last forever. If the filter is clogged or dirty because the unit hasn't been cleaned in a while, or if the drain line becomes full of dust or lint, airflow will be reduced and the unit could even freeze. If there's been a refrigerant leak inside the machine, the evaporator or condenser coils have corroded or one of the fuses or motors has broken, the temperature will fluctuate considerably. That means you'll be paying extortionate bills for cool air that simply isn't coming.

If you suspect any of these to be the case, contact a responsible company who will be happy to come out and service your AC unit.

Inefficient gas heaters

Several things can go wrong with gas hot water systems, gas cookers, gas ducted heating systems and more. If the gas is pumping through the appliance but isn't igniting properly, it could be a long time before you realise that there's a problem. In the meantime, your gas bill will continue to rise. In order to save money and avoid the potential dangers of gas leaks, you should invest in gas ducted heating repair to fix the issue. If this isn't an option, buying and installing a new more efficient appliance with a more efficient combustion system will ensure no gas goes to waste.

If you realise that any of the above factors are secretly draining your pocket, reaching out to an experienced Canberra plumber could save you a lot of money and stress. Contact Level Plumbing Canberra for standout high-quality plumbing, installation and servicing on gas heaters, AC units and more.