Trade waste is wastewater from industries like food, agriculture and manufacturing and is more diverse in volume and quality than typical household wastewater.

By discharging untreated trade waste to sewer, an additional load is placed on the sewerage system which can cause accelerated corrosion, generate odours and dangerous gases and affect sewage treatment processes.

Today we look at what you need to know about discharging liquid trade waste.

Compliance With Icon Water or Your Local Council

If your new business will be generating wastewater and your intention is to discharge this into the sewerage system, you need to understand the requirements, application processes and associated fees with your local water authority. If you operate your business in the ACT, you are legally obligated to comply with Icon Water's Liquid Trade Waste Acceptance Policy and Guidelines.

It includes submitting a completed Application form with relevant drainage plans to Icon Water and receiving formal approval before discharging to a sewer. If you are a business owner that dreads red tape, finding an expert in liquid trade waste management like Level Plumbing Canberra can save you valuable time and money.

Getting The Design of Your Trade Waste System Right

Whether you have opened a new business, taken over an existing one, or have changed the volume and/or nature of the trade waste being discharged to a sewer within your business, you must install pre-treatment equipment to Icon Water's requirements prior to commencement of discharge to sewer. Equipment needs to be installed in a location that allows safe and unrestricted access for inspection and servicing.

The types of pretreatment equipment vary depending on the industry that your business is operating in and include grease traps, packaged pump stations, reflux valves and pre-treatment devices. The installation of a pretreatment system will often require Council approval, and most require a licensed plumber to supervise installation in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand standards (AS/NZS 3500). Level Plumbing Canberra can help advise you on the best system to meet both your needs and requirements - give our team a call, and someone can come out for a chat.

Understanding Solutions Available to You

If you are a new business or are looking to upgrade your trade waste solution, you should be looking for a complete and sustainable end-to-end trade waste system. Level Plumbing Canberra can assess whether you need an above or below-ground solution to suit your needs. If an above-ground solution is required, we can help with recommendations for devices that are constructed from a UV-stable material and that are either permanently shaded or insulated so that their performance is not impacted by exposure to the sun.

In recent years in Australia, there has been widespread adoption of advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies to enhance on-site treatment and water reuse as a response to changes to trade waste legislation and pricing, not to mention water restrictions. A plumbing company like Level Plumbing Canberra which offers a specialised service in liquid waste treatment, will be able to introduce you to state-of-the-art industrial wastewater treatment solutions that best service your commercial needs.

Finding A Licensed Plumber For 24/7 Maintenance

Liquid trade wastes obviously put more pressure on sewerage systems than domestic sewage. Issues with your trade waste system can have serious ramifications, including posing problems to public health and worker safety. To avoid these risks and of a business shutdown, you need to find a licensed plumber who is available for 24/7 maintenance to get your trade waste system back up and running as quickly as possible. It's always better to be prepared than when you are in a crisis situation, so do your research beforehand and have Level Plumbing Canberra's number saved on your mobile and by the business phone.

Scheduling Regular Maintenance

In order to ensure your equipment is in the best condition possible and potential issues are picked up early, it's important to have your system regularly serviced as specified by the manufacturer's requirements. By scheduling regular maintenance, you can ensure that your trade waste system continues to meet your local water authority's requirements over time. The benefits of regular maintenance include:

  • Protecting the health and safety of people working in the system
  • Protecting sewerage systems and treatment works
  • Minimizing environmental impacts
  • Maximizing opportunities for the reuse of wastewater and biosolids
  • Catching small issues before they become big, potentially costing one

At Level Plumbing Canberra, we have helped hundreds of clients with their trade waste management systems. From the application process through to approval for their trade waste system, our highly skilled technicians are only happy to guide you through it all. Call us at 6188 6088 today and get rid of your plumbing issues entirely.