No one wants to experience the stress and inconvenience that comes with unresolved plumbing issues. This is why we think it is important to address any problems immediately, as well as avoid these problems at all costs.

With that said, Level Plumbing Canberra is here to help homeowners and commercial building owners like you. In this article, we will discuss the must-know solutions to common emergency plumbing problems. We hear about these all the time, and we want to make sure that you are equipped with the right knowledge to fix issues that may arise.

Let’s start!

Burst pipes

a broken pipe leaking

If your pipes suddenly burst—whether it is old and slightly damaged or fully functioning—we recommend that you apply the following quick and easy remedies:

  1. Turn off the water supply at the kitchen sink or where the water pipe enters your home (usually where the water meter is).
  2. Drain the system by turning on all cold taps and flushing your toilet.
  3. Turn off any water heating systems. Once it is shut down, turn on your hot taps to help drain the system.
  4. Turn off any appliances that are placed near the burst pipes. Do not touch them, or you could be electrocuted!
  5. Fix the problem by calling in a professional plumber to repair the problem. We also suggest getting in touch with your insurer, particularly if your home insurance policy covers you for burst pipes and you think you may need to make a claim.

Gas leak

If you can smell gas in or around your home, then we highly recommend you find out where the leak is coming from and repair it swiftly. Your health and safety may be at risk. It could also prompt a sudden increase in your energy consumption.

That said, gas leaks can occur in several areas around your home, including your meter, stove, heater, oven, water heater, BBQ, or bayonet points.

If you believe the gas leak to be overpowering and require an emergency plumber, contact them immediately. Make sure to also do the following steps:

  1. Call from outside the house if using a mobile phone.
  2. Do not turn the electrical appliances or light switches off or on.
  3. Do not smoke or do anything that may create a spark.
  4. Turn off the gas supply at the meter (as long as you don't have to switch on a light to find it).
  5. Open doors and windows.
  6. Wait outside for the emergency personnel to arrive.

If you think you have a slow minor leak and do not require an emergency plumber, check where the leak is coming from by following the instructions below.

  1. Turn off all your gas appliances.
  2. Make a note of the gas meter reading when you go to bed for the night and check if it has changed in the morning.
  3. Calling in a plumber if the number has risen overnight. It is a sign that there is a leak somewhere that needs to be addressed.

Blocked toilet

When no amount of flushing drains your toilet bowl, your stress levels are probably rising just as quickly as the water.

Here are a few at-home solutions you can try to hold the emergency at bay a little while longer:

  1. Get a wire coat hanger, bend it slightly and form a curve. Gently push this into the toilet canal and try to remove the blockage. Work slowly, though, so you do not scratch the toilet bowl.
  2. Tie a plastic bag securely around the head of a mop, place the mop into the toilet bowl and apply force as you push the mop into the toilet. Hopefully, you will only need to do this once to achieve success.
  3. A chemical drain cleaner may help. But be sure to follow all instructions carefully and always use safety gear like rubber gloves.

If you are trying to unblock the toilet using force (via a mop or a plunger), be prepared to get a little wet—and perhaps dirty. Consider putting down towels and drop sheets to prevent any mess.

If you have worked your way down this list, then it is highly likely you will require an emergency plumber to come to your toilet’s rescue! Level Plumbing Canberra offers a 24-hour emergency plumbing service to help homeowners like you any time of the day.

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