We know that people tend to ignore small plumbing issues, hoping they will go away on their own. But that is rarely the case! And, more often than not, it leads to more expensive repair bills if not fixed immediately.

Leaking pipes are the most ignored sign among others. And sometimes people don’t even realise they have plumbing issues until it becomes an inconvenience.

That said, do you know other signs of plumbing issues?

Seven Most Common Signs that You May Have a Leaking Water Pipe
Audible Sounds

If you can hear the sound of water moving through the pipes when all your taps, dishwasher, and washing machine are turned off, then this could indicate a hidden water leak.

Rising Costs and Hot Water Running Out

If you have a water bill that is closer to your phone number than your age then you need to find out what causes it as it is not normal. Similarly, if the hot water is running out more quickly than normal without a good reason this should be looked at.

Meter Readings

This one is easy to test. You just need to take two-meter readings a couple of hours apart, ensuring that you do not use any water in between.

If the meter shows a change then that is a pretty strong indicator you have a pipe leak somewhere.

Warm Spots

A warm spot on a concrete slab that could not be explained is usually an indicator of a leak from your hot water system. Funnily enough, your pet will likely notice it first before you do as they are drawn to the warmth.

Keep checking it over a couple of days and if the same spot is always warm, regardless of the weather, then it needs to be checked and repaired

Water Pressure

Low water pressure from sinks, tubs, and showers can indicate that there is a hidden leak. Damage to a water pipe, such as a break or some other failure, will result in a drop in water pressure.

Mould or Rising Dampness

If you notice rising dampness or mould in a specific area of wall or floor that is not an issue anywhere else in your home, then it can be an indicator of a leak in the area. Once it is bad enough for you to notice the mould, the damage is already quite bad so do not delay in calling in an expert.

Unexplained Green Areas of Grass

If there is one section of your grass that always seems to be lush and green when the rest is brown, there is a pretty good chance that the area is getting a sneaky supply of water, potentially from an underground broken pipe.

Do you have any of these potential indicators in your home? What about in your commercial space? Give us a call today for an honest assessment and quote to stop the leak and save you money in wasted water.

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Remember, fixing a small problem now will save you from having to pay more later!