Spring season is about to arrive. It means there is no better time than now to do a plumbing check up while you are giving your home a bit of a spring cleaning. Use this opportunity to check over your bathroom, kitchen, appliances and equipment both inside and out!

With that said, below are eight plumbing tips to try.

8 Spring Plumbing Tips to Add to Your Maintenance Plan

Canberra plumber tightening up the faucet of a bathroom sink

Tip #1: Check your drains, gutters, and downpipes to make sure they are clear of debris. The last thing you want is to have blocked pipes, water drains, and gutters. Having one can cause water leaks and may damage the assemblies if heavy spring rains hit.

Tip #2: Check your garden hose. If the water in the hose froze this winter, there is a chance that it has expanded and caused a crack in the connectors. Check your water hose and replace it if you find any wear or tear.

Tip #3: Check all your faucets and the toilet for leaks and drips. Simply go tap to tap, loo to loo, and make sure you are not losing money down the drain because of a leak or a blocked drain. Taps are usually simple to fix.

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Tip #4: Give your shower head a good clean. A good old trick that has been floating around lately is to add some vinegar to a bag (zip lock or even a shopping bag) and submerge your shower head in it. Use an elastic band to keep it in place. Leave it in there for 12 - 24 hours, and then give it a good rinse to remove mineral deposits.

Tip #5: Check your hot water system temperature. Aim to have it at 60°C, which is ideal to avoid bacteria growth in your system. Doing so, however, may cost you more on your power bill as you have to heat your water all the time.

Tip #6: Check your dishwasher and washing machine hoses. You are much better off replacing them as soon as you see potential wear rather than waiting for them to fail completely and potentially flood your home.

Tip #7: Service your evaporative coolers. Likely, your cooler has not been touched since the year started. Make sure it is clean, safe and in perfect working condition before the weather heats up by getting it professionally serviced.

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Tip #8: Check your rainwater tank. Lastly, check the leaf filters or strainers on your rainwater tank regularly—at least at the start of each season. There is no point in having a tank if water cannot get in because of build-ups blocking the flow.

There you have it! Our top eight tips to add to your spring cleaning. If you need help with any of these tasks or would like us to give your home a makeover to ensure your plumbing is working optimally, give Level Plumbing Canberra a call at 6188 6088.