The 2019-20 bushfire catastrophe is a grim reminder of the fragile state of the world's environment. When the affected areas are equivalent to the size of countries, the message is clear - everyone has a part to play to restore Mother Nature to good health.

Given the magnitude of the challenge ahead, let's turn to a mega-size ship for inspiration. It can't make big turns on demand. Instead, it makes small turns measuring a few degrees each. It's the same with climate issues. We can't make changes overnight. But if we can all take small steps, we can get there together. In this post, we highlight steps you can take to reduce your household's water consumption.

1. Shower in 4 minutes

A good shower isn't measured by the length of time in it. Keep it to 4 minutes. You'll be as cleaned and fresh as you are financially better off with the savings. 

2. Stop running the kitchen tap

Keeping the tap running whilst you wash your greens doesn't clean it better. You're just flushing water down the kitchen sink. Instead, fill the sink or large bowl with water to wash your green. 

3. Reuse the water above

Don't throw it away. The water you've used to rinse your greens can be reused or repurposed for a variety of things. For example, you can put it in a spray bottle to water your indoor plants. 

4. Use the dishwasher

Thanks to technology, dishwashers are less energy-sapping. But use it when it's fully loaded, which means you're likely to be using it once a day. No longer will you be bothered by the sight of unwashed breakfast dishes! 

5. Re-use water from the dryer

What have you been doing with the water from the reservoir in your dryer? It's generally clean. So using it to mop the floor is an option you can consider. 

6. Check for leaks!

Unlike the car, we're less likely to send home appliances for regular servicing and maintenance. We'll usually wait for it to break down completely. It's fine if we are talking about the toaster or kettle. But don't let water and money drip away by a leak in your washing machine, dishwasher or dryer. Early water leak detection saves money and resources. Check for leaks

7. Make the small flush your default option

Depending on what you've left behind, using the small flush option can work just as well. Do not automatically reach out for the big flush option. It could be overkill! 

8. Water the garden when the sun's out

It feels good to 'flood' the garden in the scorching sun. You may appear to be doing the plants and lawn favour. But in reality, you're not! The water evaporates as ferociously as water gushing out from the hose. Don't let the sun rob your greens of water. Do it when it's out. 

These 8 habits can be applied easily every day. They're your small steps to take action. Augment them with a good plumbing system to experience better results. Connect with us to learn how good plumbing can save you heaps.