Renovating your kitchen can completely transform the look and feel of your home. But because it is an area that many homeowners like to try doing it themselves, there are a few key points that you need to take into consideration if you want to save some money and make sure that the project goes a little smoother.

Six Plumbing Tips You Should Try
Know the Order of the Trades Needed

Renovation shows like The Block and House Rules make tackling big projects like kitchen renovations look much simpler than they actually are. When attempting to project manage your own kitchen renovation you need to make sure you are confident with the order that specialist tradies will be needed.

For example, getting your cabinetry people in before your plumber if there are changes needed to outlet and drain locations will add to the time and cost of your plumber as they will need to work around the cabinetry.

Keeping Plumbing in the Same Area

You will save yourself a lot of money and stress by keeping your plumbing fixtures and drains in the same locations. Aim to design your new kitchen so the sink and dishwasher are in the same locations.

If your fridge needs to be attached to water, try and keep it in the same position. However, if you are upgrading to a plumbed fridge, it is worth asking your plumber and seeking advice on the best placement of it for ease of installation.

Know Your Dishwasher

Despite what most appliance retailers say, not all dishwashers have the same exact dimensions. Being off by even a couple of millimetres could mean that your dishwasher does not fit under your bench like you want.

Also, be sure to account for the space that piping will take up behind the dishwasher. It may not be much, but even a couple of centimetres could mean your machine sticks out from the bench.

While we are on dishwashers, it is always advisable to install your dishwasher close to the sink. Not only is it more convenient from a packing perspective, but it also means that the water and drainage hoses are easier to install and don't have to span your cupboards.

Choose Your Sink Early

We suggest choosing your sink before you finalise your cabinetry. If you are not changing your plumbing locations, it is okay to get the cabinetry people in before the plumbers. 

However, make sure that they know exactly what sink you will be using so they can make sure the piping is at the right height and that there is enough space between the bottom of the sink and any shelves to fit the necessary drainpipes.

Failure to do this will end up costing you time and money if the plumber needs to cut out parts of the cabinet to access the pipes.

Choose Sink Position Based on How You Use Your Kitchen

If you want to change the location of your sink, it is important to think about not just how it looks but also if it works with your lifestyle and habits. Are you someone who leaves dishes in the sink all day? Perhaps you are someone who likes to leave things to "soak" overnight?

In those cases, having your sink as the centrepiece of the kitchen, like in the middle of an island bench, for example, can mean the whole room looks untidy. Perhaps you would be better off having it on the side of the kitchen in a space that is not the first thing you see when you walk into the room.

Think About Your Flooring

It is pretty common to find that new flooring has not been installed under appliances like the dishwasher and fridge. But this can cause all sorts of problems if you need to get them out, either for replacement or repairs.

If your dishwasher is hard up against the top of your benchtop and the flooring butts up against the front it can be almost impossible to get out. Our suggestion is to make sure your flooring goes all the way under your dishwasher and that the height is accounted for in your cabinetry. It means you can easily remove it if necessary.

Also, make sure that if you are purchasing a new dishwasher, your measurements are from the top of the new flooring to the bottom of the cabinets. As mentioned, even just a couple of mm's can mean your new dishwasher would not fit.

Ready to Start Your Renovation?

It is always worthwhile having a chat with your trusted plumber before diving in to check if they see any potential issues. A small investment of time early on could save you in the long run when issues are identified when you're already underway.

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