The water supply is one of the most important utilities in your house. But when you have an issue, such as an old pipe that needs to be replaced or a broken one, you have to know where the water supply’s main valve is so you can switch it off.

Knowing where it is located will save your home from flooding as well as make the job a lot easier. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to find your water main in most cases.

Finding the Water Supply’s Main Valve

When looking for your water supply’s main valve, search the front area of your house first. Try to locate the front tap or spigot, and then work towards the property line.

Locating the water supply’s main valve is a piece of cake. However, you might find it difficult if the area is, say, bushy. It is normal, though, particularly in old houses. 

That said, to make the search a little easier, simply grab a spade or a shovel and try to feel the ground using it. Then, find the finger hole and pry the lid off. You might see that dirt and other debris have filled the hole. Simply remove it to expose your oscillation valve and meter.

Please keep in mind to use gloves and tools when removing debris. This way, you will not be exposed to anything harmful that might be hidden in the hole.

Shutting Off the Water Supply’s Main Valve

If your water is turned on (and if you have a quarter-turn valve), the valve handle will run parallel to the valve pot. The water is off if the valve handle is turned a quarter of the way so it runs perpendicular to the valve pot. A long lever in your water main can be immensely beneficial as it makes turning the main on or off much easier.

Your water main tap might be different from the quarter-turn valve described above. Yours might look like a hose tap that screws up or down, just like a regular hose. Or yours might look like a round black handle if you live in a city. Sometimes, water main assemblies are found above ground instead of in a recessed box.

Regardless, with a little time, energy, and tools, you can find and turn off your water main quite easily!

Please keep in mind that if you do need any repair work done to your water main, we recommend contacting professional plumbers such as Level Plumbing Canberra instead of doing it yourself. Shutting off your water main is a significant first step in correcting any problems, but any DIY repairs can cause greater harm than fixing problems.

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