Slow drains, sinks, or showers are typically more of an inconvenience than a serious issue. However, no one wants to experience the stress and hassle that comes when a plumbing problem becomes serious and requires immediate attention.

As such, in our next article for our preventative maintenance series, we are looking at how to avoid your slow drain turning into a bigger problem.

Why Are the Bathroom Sinks or Tubs Clogged?

Bathroom sink and shower or bathtub drains typically are clogged with debris, dirt build up, and hair. Things such as soap scum and hair, for example, accumulate over time if not regularly cleaned. It causes the water to drain slower than it should as a result.

You can try to clear the drain on your own using a plunger or a “snake” tool to remove the gunk and clear the pipe. There are also commercial cleaning products that you may try.

If you find that these simple fixes were inefficient, call a plumber right away and have your drains and sink checked. It could be something serious that needs an immediate situation.

What If All the Sinks Are Draining Slowly?

If all of the sinks in your home are draining slowly, it may be a sign that you need to have your home’s plumbing lines jetted with high-pressure water. Or use a drain inspection camera to determine what might be blocking your drainage system.

Another professional plumbing tool that will clear away obstructions in the lines is what’s referred to as an ‘electric eel’. It is a drain rod that is used to clear the drain, allowing water to flow more freely through the pipes.

In more serious situations, drains that seem very backed up throughout the home could indicate that your plumbing lines need to be replaced. It may be accompanied by a foul odour, too.

Moreover, the main sewer line may be blocked or backed up. If it is not taken care of, it can leave you without plumbing until you can do a replacement of the entire system.

What Will a Professional Plumber Do?

A professional plumbing service will be able to assess the situation with your slow drains and then determine the best course of action. Our team at Level Plumbing Canberra offers pipe relining as a service and can provide repairs that would not take ages or cost more than you can afford.

Rather than waiting until the problem becomes severe, contact the team now! Here at Level Plumbing, we assess things carefully and offer you solutions tailored to your needs and budget—call (02) 6188 6088 today.