Water damage is one of the common property damage homeowners, tenants and business owners alike experience. Managing issues that arise from water damage can be difficult as you can never tell just how deep the water damage has gone.

By understanding the most common causes of water damage, however, you can be better prepared to avoid them. As such, we will share in this article the most common causes of water damage we come across here at Level Plumbing Canberra Central.

Five Common Water Damages You Must Be Aware Of
1. Blocked Drains Overflowing

Are any of your sinks slow to empty? Do you end up standing in a puddle while showering? Or do your outside drains struggle with even minor rainfall?

If you answered yes, then chances are you got some degree of blockage in your drains. Clogged drains are not only annoying, but they also cause water damage if left unchecked. 

Foreign objects like hair and grease are common culprits in toilet and kitchen drainages. Leaf litter, dirt, or even debris from heavy storms can all cause build-up in your outside drains, on the other hand. You can also experience decay in pipes as they age, with roots penetrating the pipes and taking over, which can cause significant blockages if not tended to.

2. Leaking Shower Bases

A leaking shower base can wreak all sorts of havoc in a home. If treated incorrectly, a leaking shower base can cause walls to crumble and floors to rot, with excess water the culprit of accidents such as slips and falls.

Some of the most common reasons for a shower base to start leaking are cracked tile grout, badly applied waterproofing, and/or aging waterproofing membrane losing its integrity. The presence of loose or hollow 'dummy' sounding tiles is also a big warning sign that you might be dealing with a leaking shower, as it means your tiles are not adhering to the adhesives below and are giving space for water to pool underneath.

3. Failed Flexi Hoses

Failed flexi hoses account for 22% of the water damage claims in Australian households, according to recent research undertaken by general insurer IAG. While flexi hoses are highly practical in reducing the time it takes to hook up appliances, sinks and toilets, the downside is that a ruptured hose can cause thousands in damage from flooding.

It can largely be prevented if flexi hoses are correctly installed in the first place, regularly maintained by a qualified plumber and replaced at least every five years, as hoses can become kinked and stretched, increasing the risk of a burst if not addressed.

4. Roof Leaks

Do you hear a tapping sound in your ceiling when it rains? Are brown stains appearing on your ceiling or down your walls? It may be that you have a leaking roof. Roof leaks can be caused by rust, overflowing gutters and/or loose roof sheets or tiles.

Any potential leaks need to be treated immediately once detected. While a leaking roof can start off as a small problem, it can very quickly develop into a major disaster like your ceiling caving in! Your roof is one of the most important structural elements in your property, so if you even suspect you might have leaks in your roof or within gutters and pipework, then it's best to contact Level Plumbing Canberra to have a look and avoid large-scale damage.

5. DIY Installs Gone Wrong

While DIY can be tempting to save a few dollars, you may need to stop and think about the long-term costs before tackling a plumbing job in your house. It could be unblocking a drain, sealing a dripping tap or repairing a leaking toilet cistern; what may appear like a simple fix often requires a professional plumber to eliminate the risk to you and your property.

If you are still unsure, before you tackle a DIY job, find your state or territory on Licensed Trades/Plumbing and read about the licensing requirements in your area.

If you've run into any of these five plumbing issues, we at Level Plumbing Canberra are happy to help you! Contact us now at (02) 6188 6088.