Buying a home is obviously a huge investment. Thus, you want to be sure you are getting what you paid for.

Building inspections, however, can be costly. So, today, we are sharing a few potential plumbing issues that you can check for yourself before you bring in the professionals.

8 Plumbing Issues to Check
Water Stains on Walls Backing onto the Bathroom.

If you can, try and look closely at any walls backing onto the bathroom, especially the areas backing onto the shower or bath. If you see water damage of any kind this could indicate past or present water leaks either in the pipes or from the bath/shower waterproofing.

Leaving it unfixed could potentially be costly to fix, so you're better off knowing now.

The Loo

Look for water damage or leaks on the floor around the toilet. Give it a flush and make sure that it empties and fills back up correctly.

It could just be a quick fix with a new float in the cistern, or it could be an issue with how the toilet was installed.

Check the Inside of the Cabinets

Open all the cabinets and look for leaks or mould. Check if the area smells damp, too.

Any smells could be an indication of leaks in the pipes under the sinks. Relatively minor, but good to be aware of.

Knock on the Tiles

Take a few minutes to know the tiles around the bathroom. If you notice hollow sounds in a couple of tiles, that could indicate water damage to the plasterboard behind them.

Check Out the Paintwork

Many homes get a fresh coat of paint before going on the market. So, it is important to take a close look and make sure that the paint is not covering up potential issues.

Is there swelling or warping behind the paint? If so, you will need to find out the cause by hiring a professional plumber.

Turn On and Off the Taps

Is the water pressure good? Do the sinks all drain quickly? Do you hear a thud through the pipes when you turn off the taps?

The reasons for issues with these things are usually pretty minor, but it is good to know they are there before purchasing.

Check the Hot Water

Be sure to check the hot water taps in wet areas. How long does the hot water take to come through? Is the water hot enough?

Be sure to check out the hot water system, too, so you can get an idea of its age and size. If the system is older than 8 years old make sure you factor in the cost of a possible replacement in the near future, just to be sure.

Take a Walk Outside

Take a close look around the outside of the home, too. Check that the gutters and downpipes are in good condition, and look for standing water or unusual plant or grass growth areas that might indicate an underground leak.

If there are big trees nearby, find out if a drain inspection has been completed recently. If not, consider having one done so you know if there's any root penetration into the underground pipes that will need to be repaired.

There you have it. Eight simple but important plumbing issues to check when inspecting a home to buy. All of these can be done reasonably quickly and easily on your first look through the place so you can decide whether or not you want to take the next step and get that building inspector in.

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