Summer is almost here. And now is the perfect time to ensure your home is set up with these great water saving tips.

In Your Home

An economical dishwasher is the most water efficient way to wash a load of dishes. However, if you only have a small amount to wash—or you simply do not own a dishwasher—then try to avoid rinsing dishes under a running tap which wastes a lot of water.

Instead, if you have two sinks, half fill one with plain water and use this to rinse. Or simply pour a pot of plain water over your stacked dishes to rinse them.

Installing a flow-controlled aerator tap is an inexpensive way to reduce water flow and save wastage. These taps can reduce water flow by 50%. Our team would be happy to suggest possible options for you as well as install taps throughout your home.

Drips and leaks are extremely wasteful and can add up to significant costs on your water bill. A single leaking tap can waste 30-200 litres per day! Leaking toilets are just as bad and are usually the result of deteriorating valves in the cistern.

Both of these issues are usually simply resolved by a licenced plumber so do not let money keep running down the drain this summer.

In the Garden

More and more households are recognising the great water and money saving potential of installing rainwater tanks for their homes.  And with the great range of styles, colours, and budget options available, now is a great time to join that trend.

Collected rainwater can be stored in the tank and used in your garden which is perfect during summer, especially if water restrictions are in place preventing you from using mains water. Rainwater tanks can even be connected up to your home and can be used in the laundry or for toilet flushing!

Be sure to have your tank installed by a licenced plumber to ensure your system operates efficiently.

Other great options to keep your garden thriving without using too much water this summer is to add a thick layer of mulch to garden beds. Set up a drip irrigation system so water stays close to the plant roots which reduces evaporation and to choose drought tolerant or low water plants for your garden.

During Christmas

Check if your toilet is in perfect working condition to prevent your relatives having to go "bush toilet" in your backyard on Christmas Day. Be sure that your hot water system can handle the load of extra overnight guests too, so you are not left with a cold shower on Christmas morning. 

Get these simple things checked and fixed now and you are less likely to be making an expensive callout for a plumber in the middle of your celebrations.