For over 40 years Hanson has been a proud client of ours.

As the largest aggregate producer in the world, our relationship with Hanson is underpinned by our proficiency in safety, our reliability, and our commitment to delivering an outstanding level of service and workmanship.

Glen has been immersed in quarrying since the very beginning of his career as an apprentice electrician, absorbing knowledge under the guidance of his father. Glen’s extensive experience has enabled him to upskill his team, and culminated Level Electrical & Automation Epping into a leader of electrical services for the quarrying industry.

Our team have a detailed understanding of safety systems, feeders, hoppers, crushers, conveyors, screens, cyclones, stackers, and load out bins, combined with expertise in the power systems and control systems that operate them. We understand the harsh environment of quarries, and how to best conduct our electrical work with longevity and flexibility in mind.

Most importantly, we are acutely aware of the cost of downtime. And that means when you need us most we will be available to get the job done and make sure production can continue.