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Hanson believes all injuries are preventable, and that the safest projects are the most successful ones. Part of this commitment is the annual inspection of electrical systems and emergency control systems. Visibility and understanding of hazards and compliance risks allow management to take steps to make their workplace a safer space for everyone. Every year Wollert quarry brings us onsite to conduct a comprehensive inspection and report back.


We deliver this essential service, and work with our clients to prioritize efforts to rectify any issues with a detailed risk assessment matrix. Hanson Wollert is a leader in OH&S practices, so we compile an extensive report including an electrical inspection, a thermographic imaging inspection and emergency control system audit. You can read more about these on our services page. Once the report is compiled, we take the time to discuss our recommendations with the management team.

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This has been a very successful activity for the site to highlight the progress they are making each year and eliminate rating 1 risks before an incident occurs. A key finding was poor compliance of emergency stop lanyards, this prompted a site wide upgrade to the lanyard systems, eliminating a significant legal burden that had become a lingering risk. Early detection of electrical faults has also saved the site significant amounts of unplanned downtime and breakdowns.

Wollert has been able to proactively plan maintenance on high risk equipment with reduced or no impact on production schedules avoiding costly breakdowns. Most importantly they have maintained the highest standards of safety across the site by investing in upgrades to non-compliant safety systems.

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