Comprehensive Electrical Reports

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With over 50 years experience we have learned that staying on top of changing regulations and preventative maintenance is hard for our busy clients. So we offer an annual service conducting an electrical audit on our client’s sites, neatly compiled into a detailed (but simple to read) report. This comprehensive report outlines every aspect of electrical equipment used on site, identifying problem components, safety hazards and providing up to date feedback from the latest AS:3000 standards.

The information contained in the report enables our clients to make informed decisions on preventative maintenance and eliminate hazards that could come back to haunt them down the track. By helping our clients to stay compliant with the latest regulations and avoid costly breakdowns, they can save their valuable maintenance budget for upgrades that can increase their revenue potential.

Our clients enjoy the convenience of a single electrical contractor handling all their general power needs, with the broader expertise and skillsets to go beyond general electrical and get the specialist jobs finished too. Get in touch with the team today and discover the Level Electrical & Automation difference.

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