Safety Audits

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Safety System Audits

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After servicing the industrial and commercial sectors for over 50 years we have seen how a healthy and safe work environment is fundamental to the successful operation of every business.

We install and service electrical safety systems for our clients to demonstrate leadership in OH&S practices and ensure Worksafe compliance. Regular auditing, servicing and maintenance of safety systems saves our clients unnecessary downtime and most importantly protects employees, contractors and the general public from unnecessary harm while onsite.

Our team will complete your audit and compile the results into a detailed (but simple to read) report. This report outlines the various safety systems used on site, test results, onsite adjustments and repairs completed during testing, and a priority list of safety hazards that fail the latest AS:3000 standards. The information contained in the report enables our clients to safeguard their most valuable asset, their people, by eliminating hazards that could come back to haunt them down the track.

Systems we speciliase in

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  • Emergency Estop systems
  • Safety Lanyard systems
  • Equipment interlock programming
  • RCD & appliance test and tagging
  • Emergency Lighting systems

Our clients enjoy the convenience of a single electrical contractor handling all their general power needs, with the broader expertise and skillsets to go beyond general electrical and get the specialist jobs finished too. Get in touch with the team today and discover the Level Electrical & Automation difference.

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