Lang Lang Wash Plant Project




Hanson came to us with plans for a brand new sand washplant, on the recommendation of the project electrical consultant Michael Steinfort. The plant was to be constructed at the Lang Lang site, with the capability of handling a varying feed from the dredge, and be entirely automated so the plant could be easily controlled remotely.


The goal was to construct a plant capable of maximum production output with a compact land footprint, and a meticulous electrical system to operate it. This meant executing a solution that integrated with the intricate layout of the plant and combined the necessary analogue and digital I/O’s for the plant to function autonomously. The key to our successful contribution to this project was a collaborative approach to working with multiple stakeholders and contractors, combined with flexibility in our scope of work allowing us support those around us as required and scale up our resources when we needed it.

Lang 1 v2.2 820 x 580
Lang 1.3 820 x 580
Lang 1 v2.4 820 x 580


The end result was a fully automated washplant with the capacity to produce Grade A sand in excess of 350 tonnes per hour, and the flexibility of two 270 degree slew stacking conveyors creating a stockyard 2 times larger than the plant footprint. Controlled via iPad by the dredge operator in the pit hundreds of metres away, at the push of a single button the entire plant can be fully operational or completely shutdown. The electrical system was designed around a copper data PLC handling all of the calibration requirements and comprehensive sensory data coming back from the plant during operation.

The combination of huge production capacity, enormous stockpile potential and minimal resource required to operate the plant has allowed the site to maximise revenue generating potential on an ongoing basis.

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