Test & Tagging

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Test and tagging

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We take care of testing & tagging for our clients to ensure they remain compliant with AS/NZS 3760:2010 in-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment. This is the standard that is referred to by WorkSafe Victoria to satisfy a duty of care to employees and visitors on a site.

All items that plug into a general power outlet must be tested at regular intervals. In addition, portable and fixed residual current devices are required to undergo push button tests, and a combined operating time and push button test. These tests are required at a series of different intervals. We use specialist tools to measure the exact time (in milliseconds) your RCD takes to trip. If your device does not meet the maximum trip time as stated by the AS/NZS 3760:2010, it will receive a fail in our report. Our advantage is our qualified electricians who can repair certain faults that are causing your equipment to fail the test requirements, ensuring that equipment is not decommissioned unnecessarily, affecting your operations.

Our clients enjoy the convenience of a single electrical contractor handling all their general power needs, with the broader expertise and skillsets to go beyond general electrical and get the specialist jobs finished too. Contact the team today and discover the Level Electrical & Automation difference.

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