Knox Pool & Spa Switchboard Upgrade

Knox Switchboard


While conducting a thermal imaging inspection for Knox swimming pool, our team identified a rating 1 hazard relating to outdated switchboards that were not compliant with current regulations. More importantly the components inside were so old and worn that they were overheating to dangerous levels. This presented a substantial safety risk, and was already costing the business in downtime caused by faults occurring more and more frequently. The client was quick to act on our risk assessment with the knowledge of the risks and cost of maintaining the outdated switchboard.


We got to work designing a new Spa Switchboard and new 50m Switchboard, ensuring compatibility between the new technology being implemented and the existing equipment throughout the facility. The implementation of an Allen-Bradley PLC and a new touch panel control screen were key decisions made to bring the electrical systems up to modern standards.

Knox Switchboard
Knox Switchboard 1
Knox Switchboard 2


Our client was thrilled that we were able to complete the entire upgrade project without causing any downtime for the facility. This meant a seamless patron experience and no revenue loss. Furthermore, the new system provides a simplified process for operational staff and adds a huge amount of functionality and adjustability to set limits. Finally the installation brings the plant room up to current electrical regulations, eliminating the safety hazards and downtime from faults.

All of these outcomes are working to save the client money both immediately and into the future.

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