Thermal Imaging

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Thermal imaging inspections

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We help our clients to reduce their emergency maintenance costs by identifying what their next fault is most likely to be.

Our clients rely on our thermal imaging service to identify and replace overheating electrical and mechanical components before they fail, causing safety threats, flow on damage to connected components, and unplanned downtime for emergency repairs.

This is a simple inspection that is conducted by electricians with additional training in thermal imaging technology. This is a non-intrusive inspection that we conduct while the site is fully operational, however the potential savings are substantial by eliminating hazards and resolving issues that could result in expensive breakdowns in the near future.

Our clients enjoy the convenience of a single electrical contractor handling all their general power needs, with the broader expertise and skillsets to go beyond general electrical and get the specialist jobs finished too. Get in touch with the team today and discover the Level Electrical & Automation difference.

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